Ride Forever Courses

Roadsafe Rider are contracted by ACC to provide highly subsidised Ride Forever courses. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Urban Commuter and Scooter Survival training courses are available in the following regions: Wellington, Bay of Plenty, Gisborne, Hawkes Bay, Taranaki, Wanganui/Manawatu.

Ride Forever course booking fees are only $20 for Bronze, Urban Commuter and Scooter Survival, and $50 for Silver and Gold.

Ride Forever Overview

Ride Forever courses also support NZTA's Competency-based Training and Assessment requirements for licensing.

Bronze and Silver level courses can assist riders progressing through their licence in preparation for their CBTA assessments Silver and Gold level courses are designed for returning and more experienced riders to refresh and upskill, gaining confidence in your knowledge and skills, so you enjoy riding for longer!

  • The Urban Commuter course is aimed at newer motorcycle riders wanting to build early skills and confidence, and who are riding on road in mainly urban areas (up to 50km/hr). Urban Commuter is a stepping stone towards the next level - Ride Forever Bronze course.
  • The Bronze course is aimed at riders on a learner motorcycle licence, and riders new to their restricted licence, riding LAMS-approved machines at all posted speed limits on the road (up to 100km/hr). Bronze specifically focuses on improving riding knowledge and skills, and learning the NZTA test criteria required to pass the CBTA Restricted or Full licence assessment.
  • The Silver course is for competent restricted license riders wanting to progress towards their CBTA Full licence, and provide 'returning riders' with a refresher course covering a range of skills and information for road riding environments.
  • The Gold course is designed for experienced riders, and includes a flexible programme of content modules for higher skill levels, including more technical aspects of riding.
  • The Scooter Survival course is for riders on automatic scooters/mopeds, who are currently riding on the road, primarily in urban environments or commuting (up to 50km/hr). It covers the crucial skills you need to stay safe when riding on the road.

Attending Bronze and Silver courses assist riders to prepare for their CBTA Restricted and Full licence tests.

Attending a Gold course (between 1 November 2021 and 30 June 2023), enables eligible riders to get $200 cashback on their motorcycle registration. (ACC T's & C's apply)

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